About Us

Troop 3 is a proud member of the Youth Ministry of Northwest Hills United Methodist Church – our sponsoring organization.  Be sure to check out the main NWHUMC web site:  http://nwhillsumc.org/

Troop 3 meets every Monday night (except for Mondays following campouts, which are sometimes reserved for Troop parent/adult meetings) from 7:00-8:30 pm in the Youth Center of Northwest Hills United Methodist Church, located on Hart Lane directly across from Murchison Middle School.

All members of the Troop are expected to attend the weekly meetings.

Meetings cover many diverse topics.  Most meetings are focused on rank advancement of some sort, some meetings are devoted to covering work or information necessary to earn a specific merit badge,  while others are devoted to learning skills necessary for an upcoming campout – such as canoeing, rock climbing, fishing, backpacking, etc.  Depending upon the meeting topic, the meeting may be presented by one of the Scouts, a Scoutmaster, a parent with special knowledge, or by an expert in a specific area.

Once a year the Troop has a special planning campout to work out the calendar for the upcoming year.  At this planning campout all the monthly campouts are worked out – what the Troop will be doing and where the campouts will be held.  Once this is hammered out, the meetings are planned to support the various campouts.

The Troop attends a traditional summer Scout camp every other year.  During the off years, the Troop will plan and execute a high adventure trek such as canoeing the Current River in Missouri or mountain camping and white water rafting in Colorado.

If you are interested in joining our troop, please see the "New Scout Info Tab" for the process.