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What to Expect when Scout Camping

Posted on Sep 17 2020 - 2:31pm

Hey Troop 3!  It's about time to get back to camping!

As the new school year begins, we would normally be preparing for a great year of monthly campouts with the Troop. We normally plan a monthly camping experience, and each one would usually have a themed focus - mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, backpacking, etc.  The normal experience would be to load Troop and personal gear on a Thursday night, then meet on Friday night to load up and head out to a camping spot within a few hours of Austin.  Those could be private ranches, Boy Scout-owned facilities, or public campgrounds, depending on the activity planned.  On those campouts, we like to strike a good balance between a planned activity and free time for the Scouts to spend as they see fit.  Also, we would normally camp using the Patrol Method.  This means that each patrol would camp and cook together as a small group.  The patrol leader would set up a duty roster for the Scouts in that patrol, so that everyone participates and contributes, and the patrol would set up their campsite together, away from the other patrols and adults.

The Chaplains Aide's Weekly Reflection: Week Seven

Posted on Sep 13 2020 - 9:40pm

Hello Troop 3! Carter here. I hope the first week of school has gone well for everyone. In last week’s reflection, we discussed the sixth of God’s divine attributes, and how you can show grace to others in his name. Today, we’ll be getting an insight into one of his qualities that’s always there, but one that we may not see - being faithful.


The Chaplains Aide's Weekly Reflection - Week Six

Posted on Sep 6 2020 - 1:18pm

Hey everybody! Carter Brooks here. Hope you’ve been having a good day so far. Now that we’re past number 5, we’re on the home stretch! Last week, we discussed the fifth of God’s attributes, and how we can be merciful towards others in the Lord’s name. Today, we’ll be taking a look at another of God’s characteristics that ties into mercy - being gracious.


The Chaplains Aide's Weekly Reflection: Week Five

Posted on Aug 30 2020 - 6:56pm

Hey everyone! Carter Brooks here. The end of today's reflection marks the halfway point of my 10-week message to the troop. Hard to believe it’s been five weeks already! The previous week, we discussed the fourth of God’s divine attributes, and how we can strive to be just as He is just. This week, we’ll be looking at a trait that ties into justice - being merciful.

The Chaplains Aide's Weekly Reflection: Week Four

Posted on Aug 24 2020 - 12:25am

Hey everybody! Carter Brooks here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series I’ve been making. Last week, we went over the third of ten of the Lord’s divine attributes, and how we can strive to be good as He is good. With that being said, let’s get right into the fourth of his attributes we should strive to mirror, one that is important now more than ever in this time of civil unrest and violence - being just.


Troop 3 CoVid-19 Activities Guide

Posted on Aug 20 2020 - 5:00pm

The grid below reflects how we as a troop are applying the guidance of Austin Public Health to the activities we do regularly.  This guidance reflects the numbers from the Austin Public Health guidance, as well as the increased infection risk associated with indoor activities and longer-term activities.  To learn more about the APH Covid Stages, see https://www.austintexas.gov/page/covid-19-risk-based-guidelines 

  Troop Meetings, In-Person Courts of Honor etc. (note 2) Patrol Indoor Meetings Patrol Campouts Patrol Outdoor Daytime Activities Signup-limited Indoor Meetings Signup-limited Campouts Signup-limited Day activities Simultaneous Family Camping ("Virtual Campouts") with actual travel (Note 3) Backyard Camping Video Conference Meetings
Head Count (Note 1) 75 25 25 25 10 10 10 Only 1 Household Only 1 Household Only 1 Household
Stage 1 (Note 4)                    
Stage 2 No No                
Stage 3 No No No No *          
Stage 4 No No No No No No        
Stage 5 No No No No No No No No